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SU Carburettor Needles

One of the most confusing things about working on your Classic Mini often is the carburettor needle used on your car. Below you will find a multi-needle comparison chart which will allow you to compare needle profiles of multiple SU needles at the same time. Choose the needles you would like to compare and click Compare which will redraw the chart with new profiles. A huge thank you to the mintylamb site for posting this information publically.

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Needle Charts

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Information provided by Seven Mini Parts

Single HS2 1.25"

Engine Size
Needle Std
Needle Rich
Needle Lean
Spring Type
850, 998EBMGGRed
Innocenti to 1974GYMGGRed
850 with Bias NeedleAAV--Red
1098 StandardANH6-Red
1098 BiasABVH6-Red

Single HS4 1.5"

Single HS6 1.75"

Twin HS2 1.25"

Twin HS4 1.5"

Twin H4 1.5" Special Tuning

HIF4/38 Series

HIF6/44 Series



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