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Classic Mini DIY ECU Maps

The Classic Mini ECU Map

Hey folks! Cole here with Classic Mini DIY. After countless hours and time spent porting, converting, and mapping multiple ECU's, I am proud to release my collection of ECU maps with two options for access. Offering support for many popular ECU's used on Classic Minis, with more added in the future.

Option 1 - Purchase

Help support the time and energy that went into creating these by purchasing them directly on my my store. All maps are reaosnably priced at $25 including all future updates.

Latest Releases - 2.3.0


Option 2 - Download

Are you a more of a DIYer? Or perhaps you have a tight budget you are working on? Well no problem because all my maps are availble free of charge directly on Github.

Latest Release - 2.3.0

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Supported ECU's

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