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After watching many of the long standing Classic Mini Registry's start to go offline, or no longer get maintained. I decided it was time to stand something up I know will be here and maintained for many years to come. Classic Mini DIY is proud to now provide a free online register for all Classic Mini's of all model years and styles.

1961Austin 850NA Exp. De-Luxe, Grey ClothTartan Red
1972AUTHI Mini 1000DeluxeBritish Racing Green
1989Austin Mini1000 E K9Old English White
1988AustinJet BlackBlack
1989MiniSkyCream/ sky blue
1989Mini ThirtyBlack
1981CityBlack grille, bumpers & wipersSan Remo Green 522 40236
1995Rover MiniKensingtonRed
1991Rover MiniCooperRWV (Rover metallic racing green)
1995Rover MiniTartan Limited EditionWhite over BRG
1997River Mini CooperCooperBritish Racing Green
1963Morris Mini MinorTravellerBlue
1960Austin SevenUnknownUnknown
1978Leyland Mini SBaseSquadron Blue
1987Austin Mini1000 City ERed
1968Morris Cooper SCooper S DeluxeGreen with white roof
1980Austin Morris 1275GTRed and BlackBlack
1978Austin Mini1000Blue
1969Austin MiniMetal window frameGrey
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