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Classic Mini EFI - Fueling

Cole GentryJuly 18 2023

How to setup your EFI Fueling System

Next up in the fuel injection journey, the fuel system itself! The fuel system requirements for EFI are a little bit different than a carb with some key differences you need to consider.

  • EFI requires a high-pressure fuel pump (40psi+)
  • You must put in a return line for excess fuel
  • You need fuel lines that can handle pressure
  • EFI requires a fuel pressure regulator

None of these are especially difficult to accomplish but all must be considered when building out a conversion kit for your Classic Mini.

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Classic Mini EFI - Hardware

Cole GentryJuly 17 2023

Fuel Injecting a Classic Mini

It's been some time since I released the Classic Mini DIY fuel-injected throttle body line in my store. If you haven't seen those yet, I would suggest you go take a look! I have taken it upon myself to start working towards modernizing my Classic Mini and sharing my experience with the world on how you may be able to do that with your cars. With the youtube videos I am creating I decided it would be wise for me to take some time and write up a few guides on the different parts of a fuel injection system.

Below you will find a (relatively) comprehensive list of the parts and things you may need to accomplish this on your own car. If you are keen to do this to your car, start here as we go through the various aspects of a conversion like this. Strap in and get ready. It's time to learn about EFI and the Classic Mini.


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