Digital Mini Toolbox

Essential Tools

Below you’ll find a curated list of recommended tools for working with Classic Mini Coopers. Make difficult jobs easy by adding these essential tools to your workshop.

The Basics

Imperial - Combination Wrench Set

Although many people assume the mini has mostly metric nuts and bolts, most are surprised to find that the mini in fact uses Imperial standards on almost all bolts up until the later minis.

Metric - Combination Wrench Set

Once you get into the later minis you may find more and more metric bolts popping up. So its always a good idea to have a metric set as well.

Click Torque Wrench 1/2-Inch Drive (25-250 ft.-lb./33.9-338.9 Nm)

When working on the Classic mini eveyrone needs a trusty torque wrench. Can be used in all manner of things on the car.

Advance Timing Light

Use this tool to check your timing advance without relying on timing markers.

Floor Jack

Being able to lift your car up high is one of the nicest things in the garage. This allows you to lift and work on the underside of your car.

Jack Stands

Just as important as lifting your car, is being able to support your car safely while underneath it.

Drip Tray

As you may know, minis leak. Finding those leaks and fixing them is much easier with a drip tray.

Gunson Colortune Carb Tuner

This awesome tool will help dial in your idle and get your car off to a great start down the tuning road. A must for any hobby mechanic.

Engine and Gearbox Building

Feeler Gauge

When youre doing any sort of valve adjustment, shimming, or spec measurements a set of feelers are practically a requirement.

Ball Peen Hammer

Having a nice robust ball peen hammer is essential in working on your engine or gearbox. Without it the job will be much more difficult.

Blind Bearing Puller

Use this tool to extract the bearing race from the clutch transfer case or any other bearing that is hard to access.

Flywheel Locking Tool

If you need to do a clutch job or remove your flywheel for an engine replacement, this tool locks your flywheel in place so you can easily remove the main bolt.

Flywheel Puller Tool

Use this tool to extract the flywheel and clutch from transfer case.

Rear Main Seal Installer

Install the rear main seal with this by bolting it into place with the flywheel bolt. Makes insalling it a breeze and much less likely to damage the seal.

3rd motion bearing removal tool

3rd motion bearing removal tool. This tool aids in the clean removal of the 3rd motion bearing ( double roller ) from the gearbox. It slips between the 1st gear and bearing allowing the bearing to be tapped out without the use of punches which can damage the bearing.

Synchro Hub Ball & Spring Fitting Tool

This tool is designed to aid the installation of the balls and springs within the synchronisation gear hubs as fitted to any Mini or Metro with synchromesh gear engagement, or transverse equivalent, such as Midget, Marina, Ital, Moggy Minor. Including 848, 970, 997, 998, 1071, 1098 & 1275 engines. Very simple and easy to use, if you have built a gearbox with one of these tools you will never want to go back to the old method

Suspension Work

Ball Joint Separator

Use this tool to separate the interference fit of the top and bottom ball joints.

Cone Spring Compressor, Dual Threads

Sturdy service tool used to compress the rubber cone spring on dry suspension classic Minis. Suitable for early models with SAE threaded cones and later production with metric threaded cones. Detailed instructions for use are enclosed. See STL0004 if you have a 1976-on Mini and need only the metric threaded tip.

Electrical Work


This is an awesome multi-use tool, intended to help you identify and fix electrical issues.

Battery Tender - Trickle Charger

For minis that are in the garage a bit more than others, its super helpful to keep your battery charged and happy, so you can start the mini up anytime!

Test Light

A simpler version of a multimeter, intended to help test voltage and verify live wires.